How does TuckIN work for businesses?

Pledging to TuckIN is a great way to help your business get more customers. By making a few small and simple changes you could be helping customers improve their lifestyle. TuckIN businesses pledge to lower sugar, salt and fat content, along with using lower saturated fat oils and spreads, changing ingredients and giving the option of smaller portion sizes. In return you will receive free online nutrition training, a certificate, promotional materials and advertising on our TuckIN website. You don’t need to change everything about your business, just commit to offer better choices!


How TuckIN can help your business: 

  • Assess

How much salt, sugar and fat do you use in your food? What oils and spreads do you use? How do you source your ingredients?

  • Adapt

Commit to lowering sugar, salt and fat content. Ask your supplier what’s in their food. You don’t need to make huge changes to be part of the project, and even small changes can generate a positive effect.

  • Get Exposure

Once you have pledged to help your customers make better food choices, you can enjoy all the benefits of Tuck IN. This includes free online nutrition training, a certificate, promotional materials and advertisement on our TuckIN website.

  • Make more money

Customers are becoming more and more health conscious. Impress you current customers with your commitment to their wellbeing and attract new customers who are looking to adopt a better lifestyle. Raise your profile as a business that promotes good lifestyle choices for its customers. And remember, more customers equal more profit!

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