On Friday 28th September Luton TuckIN was officially launched outside Chicken George, an award winning, family run chicken takeaway shop based on Hitchin Road, Luton. They have pledged to use healthier oils such as Rapeseed oil in their cooking and to increase customer choice, there is now a smaller portion size on offer, as well as displaying water and low sugar drinks more prominently. In addition they are now offering a greater choice of condiments such as low-fat mayonnaise, a lower salt spice mix and new ‘Lo SALT’ with reduced sodium for those customers who want to use it.

Chicken George, Don Millers Bakery and Sam’s Chicken were the first three Luton businesses to ‘make the pledge’.

Cllr Rachel Hopkins, portfolio holder for public health, said:  “The TuckIn campaign is one of many initiatives we are undertaking with our partners as part of the Luton Food plan, a town-wide holistic approach which aims to create an environment in which it is easier for everyone to make healthier lifestyles and food choices and ultimately will contribute to our aim of decreasing obesity.

“It’s great to see that some fast food outlets like Chicken George have already committed to lowering their salt, sugar and fat content as well as identifying healthier options to serve to customers. These may seem like small changes but they really can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of local people.”

Owner of Chicken George, Chris Cheah, has worked hard with his staff for some time to maintain the quality and improve the healthiness of his food. “I’m happy to make the TuckIN pledge as it feels like acknowledgement of the efforts we’re making at Chicken George to ensure our food is the healthiest it can be. I think if there are small changes I can make to help my customers make healthier choices it’s important that I make those changes. And what I find more and more is that often the changes that improve the healthiness of a product often also improve the taste. Which means my customers come back for more and sales are good.”

Lots of other businesses have already made pledges and will soon be taking advantage of the benefits TuckIN can offer including Best Kebab, Steak Out and Ali’s Cuisine, Roti Tabanca, Delicious Jamaican, and Asian Town in the Luton Indoor market.

Cllr Hopkins added: “We want residents to identify restaurants and takeaways that are serving foods that are healthier so the businesses that have signed up  to the initiative will be added to the TuckIN website and will also display a sticker in their windows so consumers will know that these businesses are doing their best to protect the health of their customers.”

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