Do you care about what’s in your food? Look out for local businesses displaying the TuckIN logo!

TuckIN is currently an Essex wide project working with local businesses to ‘make food better’. When joining, businesses pledge to reduce their sugar, salt and fat content and promote better food choices. This can be done in a variety of ways such as frying food in rapeseed oil instead of palm or vegetable oil, including salad with meals and offering fruit in promotional deals.

The scheme isn’t about removing fat, salt and sugar altogether, just offering better choices. Businesses are only eligible to make the TuckIN pledge once they have achieved a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 out of 5 or above.

Many businesses find that they already meet many of the TuckIN criteria, such as offering smaller portions or low-fat options, and therefore don’t have to make any changes to join. Eating at TuckIN food businesses is a way to make better lifestyle choices without compromising on taste or cutting out treats altogether.

TuckIN has been a considerable success in Essex. We already have over 140 businesses pledging to TuckIN, and hopefully many more on the way. Many food business operators have also completed online nutrition training as a part of the TuckIN Project.

Choose to Tuck IN when you eat out to feel a little less guilty about treating yourself to that takeaway!

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